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Welcome to On The Fly, my learn-as-I-go travel and lifestyle blog.

30 questions

The awesome Bill Fonda from A Silly Place recently wrote this post answering 30 questions and nominating a few other bloggers to do the same. I loved the idea immediately but it took me quite a while to think of the answers. For several days I had the questions in a notes page on myContinue reading “30 questions”

Blogging Interview #3 – Travel North East South West

Poppy from Travel North East South West isn’t just a lovely person to talk to. She also runs a travel blog bursting with more travel stories and information than you could fit into checked baggage. While spending six months travelling in South America clearly provided a lot of material to write about, Poppy has alsoContinue reading “Blogging Interview #3 – Travel North East South West”

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