Languages & culture – a conversation with Noakes-isms

I recently got chatting with Ryan from the blog Noakes-isms, and he had the wonderful idea to turn our conversation into a blog post. Crazy that just a simple chat could become a fairly interesting read!


Good to hear! I do love the culture in Spain and it does make it easier that I speak the language. Next time I have time and money I should visit Greece though!


Are you half Spanish or just self-taught? I try and learn a little bit everywhere I go, even the City breaks. Just enough to get by and out of respect.


I studied it for A-Level and just decided to keep it going. I get what you mean, I like being able to use even basic words in a foreign country, at least having made the effort.


Lovely. I will ask you if ever I need ha! I would have loved to try harder and learnt at School. Yes, I do too, it makes it a much better experience. I mean, why should we (the UK folk) be so rude as to walk in to everywhere shouting stuff really slowly. Even “Hello” and “Thank you” in their language means a lot.


Exactly! Languages education is pretty rubbish in England I think but still, it’s kind of disheartening how many British tourists just talk loud and slowly to the locals as if they’re stupid. 


Yes! I agree. It’s not forced as it should be but the kids needs to learn. I know, right? It’s awful and I cringe everytime. Also, I go back to my point, it’s so disrespectful.


It really bugs me. You can’t force people to enjoy languages, and they’re definitely not easy to learn for many people, but schools could do more to make them seem like a valuable thing to learn, instead of this culture of “everyone speaks English, what’s the point”. 


Yes! That’s exactly my point of view. It is stupid to think we are the only ones that matter and it’s not fair. Above all I think it’s just ignorant and rude. Schools should just teach some of the basics like “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Then, kind phrases like “Please” and “Thank you”. Just a few words is a sign of respect.


Couldn’t agree more

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