As I so succinctly put it on Twitter:

Spent a crazy amount of time messing around with #instagram formatting but for a good reason: I wanted to post about @GretaThunberg‘s incredible speech at the UN, got carried away, wrote two posts.


I hadn’t intended to write so much, but I just let myself say what I wanted to say and it turned into more of a full blog post than anything else. For that reason I’m posting it here. To hell with scheduled posts and forward planning!

“Have you watched @gretathunberg speech to the UN general assembly? If not, check it out on my story now. I was rendered speechless upon watching it. Her passion, her intellect, her scathing resentment for false promises…this is an incredible young woman who is, in my opinion, quite literally changing the world. Last Friday’s climate strikes were very much set in motion by the lone teenager protesting outside Sweden’s parliament building last year. Those who know me know I simply can’t gush about this awesome girl enough. But, she is quite right. She shouldn’t be there. She should be in school. Why does it fall to her, when world leaders have both the power and the responsibility to influence the masses and write policies to protect the planet?

🍃 Listening to Greta’s evocative words made me all the more aware of the recent phenomenon called “Eco anxiety”, described by @psych_today as “a fairly recent psychological disorder afflicting an increasing number of individuals who worry about the environmental crisis”. There are people who have even sought THERAPY to help them cope with the feelings of stress brought on by thinking about our planet’s future. Perhaps in the past I’d have been sceptical about this. Not now. I truly understand the anxiety it causes and empathise with the many others who feel the same way. Do you get this?

🌎 I’m not an ecologist, or a biologist, or an expert in any way. But I don’t need to be. We do have experts – and they’re desperately publishing reports to raise awareness of the very issue. The responsibility of us, the people, is not to be the climate change experts, it’s to be the climate change doers. Change comes from bottom to top, not the other way around. If the masses do enough to get the attention of the people at the top – the politicians, the CEOs, the leaders, the lawmakers – then eventually our message will reach them and they will have no choice but to act.

🎨 Instagram is a colourful, picture based platform because as human beings we are drawn to colours and visuals. For that reason these photos are of my favourite views in the world, the ones I want to protect at all costs. We know that people are sheep – they like to follow the crowd for fear of social rejection. It’s human nature. Where are the celebrities promoting climate action?? It’s becoming more and more evident that social media influence is one of the most effective ways of spreading a message and affecting the people. At time of writing I have 182 followers, most of whom already blog about, campaign about, and LIVE the environmentally friendly lifestyle. What difference am I going to make when the Kardashians of this world have millions of followers hanging onto their every word? Who is a celebrity you think needs to use their following for good?

Campaigning doesn’t have to be loud. It doesn’t have to cost you. Campaigning is different for everyone. It could be as simple as spreading the message by sharing this post and others like it to your social media accounts. However you choose to help, there is a place for you.

Please please please watch Greta’s speech. Perhaps then you’ll understand the sense of urgency, of panic, of anger, that it has instilled. #howdareyou


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