Thoughts ~ The daily grind

Your phone blares at the crack of dawn, repeating its call periodically after every hit of the “snooze” button. You haul yourself up, stumble into some clothes, cram down some toast and rush to the bus/car/train, sit in traffic or a crowded carriage for an hour, run into the office and get to work. Repeat in reverse at 5:30pm.

Of course, this may not be the case for everyone. The stereotype presented of 9-5 office jobs is often not accurate and in many jobs, one day is not quite like the rest. I’m also not suggesting that any of us could at any minute say “screw it” and move into an eco cabin in the forest, and live off the land with maybe a sheepdog, or, for the more exotic among us, a lizard or rodent for company. To be honest I’m getting quite fed up of the countless films, books, shows, articles, podcasts and socially conscious influencers rewriting the same “unique” narrative which inevitably turns into a criticism of modern daily life. I’m all for independent thought and challenging the norm – what says we can’t live life off the grid? – but it’s been done time and time again and, ironically, is no longer a groundbreaking social analysis.

That said, there’s no reason why 9-5 life and divergence can’t be enjoyed together. Laugh at slam poetry on your commute? Feed the pigeons in your lunch hour? Run out of milk and run through the rain to the shop, giggling hysterically as you go? There’s nothing wrong with living a “typical” life, as long as that’s the life you choose.

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