How easy is it to be plastic-free whilst travelling?

It’s simple. Us earth wanderers love the planet and all it’s stunning sights. So why ever would we not want to protect it? As travelers we have a responsibility to look after the earth as much as we can, and what better way than to swap out all our single use plastics. In just underContinue reading “How easy is it to be plastic-free whilst travelling?”

April was no better

Science is about spotting trends emerging in data and extrapolating to predict future patterns, right? Well, after February’s high, March and April have kickstarted an exponential downwards curve and I’m not sure I want to know where May is going to take us. A disclaimer: you know that scene in Brooklyn 99 where Rosa saysContinue reading “April was no better”

Blogging interview #8: Poky Little Wanderer

Kelly is, in her own words, “a sassy bookworm from Buffalo who’s just trying to see every corner of this world”. She’s got awesome posts about her experiences in North and South America, Asia and Europe, and also about her Semester at Sea which I found particularly interesting! I like her honest and quite wittyContinue reading “Blogging interview #8: Poky Little Wanderer”

My travel bucket list

Some may say that the best part of traveling is looking forward to the next trip! At times like these when we’re stuck indoors it definitely brings some comfort to plan our next travels. Here are some of the places I most want to visit, and how I plan on seeing them. 1. Central andContinue reading “My travel bucket list”

Blogging interview #7: Positively Loz

Happy Friday everyone! With everything going on I thought a bit of “normal” routine is what we all needed, so here is interview #7! “If you always stick to your safe space, you’ll never reach new heights. And the furtheryou step outside of your comfort zone, the wider it becomes!“ The sentence, “This is aContinue reading “Blogging interview #7: Positively Loz”

Viral: 18 perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic

Because I apparently prefer asking other people questions over writing my own blog posts, and because I can’t offer any decent political, medical, sociological or economic analysis, I decided to gather some opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic that’s dominating headlines and lifestyles at the moment.  For me personally, life feels like one long fever dream.Continue reading “Viral: 18 perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic”

Journals from Ecuador and thoughts from an inside-out month

I’m writing this at 10pm on a Thursday night having just eaten 3 packets of crisps with a glass of wine. Because time doesn’t exist anymore, and clearly, neither do social norms. This month started with intense anxiety about travelling that seemed all-consuming at the time – to the point of literally crying at workContinue reading “Journals from Ecuador and thoughts from an inside-out month”

The trip of a lifetime: San Cristóbal Island won my heart

A quick note: I wrote this post day by day, so I had no idea that my week would change so drastically. I’m also writing on mobile, so excuse the formatting and I’ll edit it all when I get home. When you think of South America, what do you see? Is it the infamous dangerContinue reading “The trip of a lifetime: San Cristóbal Island won my heart”

A bit of introspection

As we were pulling weeds as part of our volunteer work this morning, Abe and I agreed that after only 24 hours on San Cristobal island, we love the place. He doesn’t think two weeks here will be enough. I reminded him that I only have one, and then we started planning how to maximiseContinue reading “A bit of introspection”

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