Money doesn’t have to be a nightmare: 7 awesome savings tips

It’s been a while! If I’m honest I haven’t been feeling very inspired to write anything, and although I’ve been keeping up to date (ish) on Instagram and Twitter, I haven’t felt like I’ve got anything worth sharing on here. That said, it occurred to me how many savings pots I’ve got on the goContinue reading “Money doesn’t have to be a nightmare: 7 awesome savings tips”

Thoughts ~ friends going to uni

I’m very secure in my decision to take a gap year, and have been for about a year and a half. Even if I wasn’t, I know my friends and parents would be on hand to gently remind me how badly I needed a break back during the thick of it from Christmas until exams.Continue reading “Thoughts ~ friends going to uni”

7 tips for new A level students

This time two years ago I had a mixture of excitement and nerves to start a new school and my new A level subjects. Those two years were crazy, filled with ups and downs and lots of learning. If you’re like I was at the beginning of this journey, nothing I say can really affectContinue reading “7 tips for new A level students”

“What next?”

If I had £1 for every time someone asked me this question I wouldn’t need a student loan. Honestly. Hello everyone! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was an A Level student until mid June when I finished exams, and on top of the crushing stress for revising, we also had to figure out our nextContinue reading ““What next?””

The calm after the storm…

Checking the date on the file, I wrote this post on 23rd June, but since I didn’t set my blog up until over a month later, here it is now… A Levels have been finished for just over a week (for me at least, sorry Chemistry students!) and although I was looking forward to theContinue reading “The calm after the storm…”

Hey there! Who is On The Fly and why am I doing this?

Hi! I’m Fizz, an 18-year-old fresh-out-of-exams aspiring blogger who struggles to describe herself now that the word “student” is no longer entirely accurate. I finished my final A Level exam just over one month ago, having studied Physics, Spanish and Psychology, and now I’m looking forward to a relaxed summer filled with new experiences. I’veContinue reading “Hey there! Who is On The Fly and why am I doing this?”

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