Viral: 18 perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic

Because I apparently prefer asking other people questions over writing my own blog posts, and because I can’t offer any decent political, medical, sociological or economic analysis, I decided to gather some opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic that’s dominating headlines and lifestyles at the moment.  For me personally, life feels like one long fever dream.Continue reading “Viral: 18 perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic”

Blogging interview #6: Pints, Pounds and Paté

A career as a lawyer, a fascination with history and many, many travel experiences all come together to make Julianne from Pints, Pounds and Paté a brilliant writer and a genuinely lovely person to chat to! Her blog is full of both fashionable and practical clothing guides for various places, tips for getting along withContinue reading “Blogging interview #6: Pints, Pounds and Paté”

February 2020 – a month of new experiences

February has been really, really busy. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I did in such a short space of time. Back at the start of the month, Joe and I drove to Loughborough to visit his brother and we saw my dad in the services on the way – which was weird. I’veContinue reading “February 2020 – a month of new experiences”

Blogging interview #5: Crossroadadventure

Crossroadadventure is a travel blog run by Vansh Tiwari, based in Delhi. It’s full of insane adventures and great photography. From detailed recounts of trips, to tips and advice, to posts about blogging; this site has it all. It’s immediately obvious that Vansh has an incredible passion for travel and it’s very inspiring talking toContinue reading “Blogging interview #5: Crossroadadventure”

Blogging Interview #3 – Travel North East South West

Poppy from Travel North East South West isn’t just a lovely person to talk to. She also runs a travel blog bursting with more travel stories and information than you could fit into checked baggage. While spending six months travelling in South America clearly provided a lot of material to write about, Poppy has alsoContinue reading “Blogging Interview #3 – Travel North East South West”

Blogging interview #2 – World Of Lina

Interview number two! Lina’s blog is packed with colour and vibrant photos of seemingly every country under the sun – where hasn’t she visited?! Among the super useful posts about travel itineraries, best food spots and unbeatable views are peppered some recent festive Christmas market articles, all well worth the read. And her Instagram isContinue reading “Blogging interview #2 – World Of Lina”

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