Blogging interview #1 – Yours Trulie Blog

Welcome to post number one in this series of an as-yet-undecided length! I loved chatting to Liezl from Yours Trulie, who describes herself as “an amateur blogger with not so amateur life experiences” – I love that! As well as sporting a gorgeous theme, her blog is a portfolio of exquisitely written musings on life,Continue reading “Blogging interview #1 – Yours Trulie Blog”

Languages & culture – a conversation with Noakes-isms

I recently got chatting with Ryan from the blog Noakes-isms, and he had the wonderful idea to turn our conversation into a blog post. Crazy that just a simple chat could become a fairly interesting read! me Good to hear! I do love the culture in Spain and it does make it easier that IContinue reading “Languages & culture – a conversation with Noakes-isms”

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