April was no better

Science is about spotting trends emerging in data and extrapolating to predict future patterns, right? Well, after February’s high, March and April have kickstarted an exponential downwards curve and I’m not sure I want to know where May is going to take us. A disclaimer: you know that scene in Brooklyn 99 where Rosa saysContinue reading “April was no better”

February 2020 – a month of new experiences

February has been really, really busy. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I did in such a short space of time. Back at the start of the month, Joe and I drove to Loughborough to visit his brother and we saw my dad in the services on the way – which was weird. I’veContinue reading “February 2020 – a month of new experiences”

January 2020 – an Exciting New Decade

And just like that, we’re a month into the new year. That went fast. It occurred to me on new year’s eve that wrapping up an entire year in one night and attempting to plan the next twelve months probably isn’t the most effective idea…so this year I’ll be reviewing each month that goes by,Continue reading “January 2020 – an Exciting New Decade”

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