How easy is it to be plastic-free whilst travelling?

It’s simple. Us earth wanderers love the planet and all it’s stunning sights. So why ever would we not want to protect it? As travelers we have a responsibility to look after the earth as much as we can, and what better way than to swap out all our single use plastics. In just underContinue reading “How easy is it to be plastic-free whilst travelling?”

Blogging interview #7: Positively Loz

Happy Friday everyone! With everything going on I thought a bit of “normal” routine is what we all needed, so here is interview #7! “If you always stick to your safe space, you’ll never reach new heights. And the furtheryou step outside of your comfort zone, the wider it becomes!“ The sentence, “This is aContinue reading “Blogging interview #7: Positively Loz”


As I so succinctly put it on Twitter: Spent a crazy amount of time messing around with #instagram formatting but for a good reason: I wanted to post about @GretaThunberg‘s incredible speech at the UN, got carried away, wrote two posts. I hadn’t intended to write so much, but I just let myself sayContinue reading “#HowDareYou”

Products you absolutely need for zero waste on-the-go

1. Reusable cutlery, container and bags No journey is complete without a cheeky food stop on the go…but polystyrene and plastic takeout containers and single-use, splintering cutlery is no good for anyone, especially the environment! You can’t always guarantee that a company will happily put their food in your own container, but it’s no extraContinue reading “Products you absolutely need for zero waste on-the-go”

8 changes to be more eco-friendly

Hello again! Today I’m giving you the 5 changes that are on my personal To Do list in order to be more environmentally friendly, that I haven’t yet achieved for various reasons. Period supplies I too am burdened with the struggles of continuing to be un-pregnant…and if that’s something I have to put up withContinue reading “8 changes to be more eco-friendly”

Plastic free living for beginners

The debate on protecting the environment has been ongoing for decades, but recently it’s definitely escalated. Young people especially are more and more aware of the dangers we face if we continue living the way we do, and recently I decided enough was enough; I need to do more. We’ve always recycled in my homeContinue reading “Plastic free living for beginners”

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