A weekend in Salamanca: the perfect city lover’s itinerary

There are so many gorgeous things to do in the historic city of Salamanca that you’d easily cram a week full of activities. I have spent two separate weeks there, both times staying with a friend at a lovely host’s house and attending lessons at the ISLA language school. The following itinerary is based mostlyContinue reading “A weekend in Salamanca: the perfect city lover’s itinerary”

How I spent two weeks studying in Salamanca

A couple hour’s drive west of Madrid lies one of my favourite cities ever, Salamanca. With two cathedrals over 500 years old, the House of Shells and beautiful sandstone buildings, it’s a beautiful place steeped in history. I first visited with my school Spanish class in February 2018, when we stayed with host families andContinue reading “How I spent two weeks studying in Salamanca”

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