Money doesn’t have to be a nightmare: 7 awesome savings tips

It’s been a while! If I’m honest I haven’t been feeling very inspired to write anything, and although I’ve been keeping up to date (ish) on Instagram and Twitter, I haven’t felt like I’ve got anything worth sharing on here. That said, it occurred to me how many savings pots I’ve got on the goContinue reading “Money doesn’t have to be a nightmare: 7 awesome savings tips”

Thoughts ~ friends going to uni

I’m very secure in my decision to take a gap year, and have been for about a year and a half. Even if I wasn’t, I know my friends and parents would be on hand to gently remind me how badly I needed a break back during the thick of it from Christmas until exams.Continue reading “Thoughts ~ friends going to uni”

7 tips for new A level students

This time two years ago I had a mixture of excitement and nerves to start a new school and my new A level subjects. Those two years were crazy, filled with ups and downs and lots of learning. If you’re like I was at the beginning of this journey, nothing I say can really affectContinue reading “7 tips for new A level students”

8 changes to be more eco-friendly

Hello again! Today I’m giving you the 5 changes that are on my personal To Do list in order to be more environmentally friendly, that I haven’t yet achieved for various reasons. Period supplies I too am burdened with the struggles of continuing to be un-pregnant…and if that’s something I have to put up withContinue reading “8 changes to be more eco-friendly”

“What next?”

If I had £1 for every time someone asked me this question I wouldn’t need a student loan. Honestly. Hello everyone! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was an A Level student until mid June when I finished exams, and on top of the crushing stress for revising, we also had to figure out our nextContinue reading ““What next?””

6 powerful things I learned in Barcelona

I was recently lucky enough to visit the wonderful city of Barcelona, flying out early last Monday morning and arriving at lunchtime, and leaving on Thursday. It was a great visit for many reasons but especially because I learned so much, and I wanted to share some of this today. 1. I practiced speaking Spanish.Continue reading “6 powerful things I learned in Barcelona”

The calm after the storm…

Checking the date on the file, I wrote this post on 23rd June, but since I didn’t set my blog up until over a month later, here it is now… A Levels have been finished for just over a week (for me at least, sorry Chemistry students!) and although I was looking forward to theContinue reading “The calm after the storm…”

Hey there! Who is On The Fly and why am I doing this?

Hi! I’m Fizz, an 18-year-old fresh-out-of-exams aspiring blogger who struggles to describe herself now that the word “student” is no longer entirely accurate. I finished my final A Level exam just over one month ago, having studied Physics, Spanish and Psychology, and now I’m looking forward to a relaxed summer filled with new experiences. I’veContinue reading “Hey there! Who is On The Fly and why am I doing this?”

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