Blogging interview #6: Pints, Pounds and Paté

A career as a lawyer, a fascination with history and many, many travel experiences all come together to make Julianne from Pints, Pounds and Paté a brilliant writer and a genuinely lovely person to chat to! Her blog is full of both fashionable and practical clothing guides for various places, tips for getting along withContinue reading “Blogging interview #6: Pints, Pounds and Paté”

February 2020 – a month of new experiences

February has been really, really busy. Looking back, I can’t believe how much I did in such a short space of time. Back at the start of the month, Joe and I drove to Loughborough to visit his brother and we saw my dad in the services on the way – which was weird. I’veContinue reading “February 2020 – a month of new experiences”

Thoughts ~ The daily grind

Your phone blares at the crack of dawn, repeating its call periodically after every hit of the “snooze” button. You haul yourself up, stumble into some clothes, cram down some toast and rush to the bus/car/train, sit in traffic or a crowded carriage for an hour, run into the office and get to work. RepeatContinue reading “Thoughts ~ The daily grind”

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